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My Haven released their debut album and a music video for the track “Found Not Forgotten”

August 6, 2021

Finnish melodic metal band My Haven, which was founded in 2016, released their first album “Until” via Pure Steel Promotion. In June, the single “The Hell I Died For” was released with a lyric video and recently another single “Found Not Forgotten” with a music video. The music video for the second single is now available on Youtube:

The album is a tribute to 80’s Hard Rock which has had a strong influence on the album in both compositions and lyrically. The name of the album “Until” as well as the lyrics of the album have got their inspiration from those turning points in everyday reality when life shows its worst and also from change, empowerment, and hope.


Stream / order “Until” now:






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My Haven released their first single and a lyric video from their upcoming album

June 18, 2021

Helsinki-based band My Haven, which plays melodic metal, released its first single along with a lyric video. The lyric video has been produced by Riivata Visuals. The song “The Hell I Died For” is the first of the two singles from their debut album “Until,” which will be released through Pure Steel Promotion in August 2021.


The band's vocalist Teija Sotkasiira summarizes the essence of the song as follows:


“This song is about a relationship where there is no reciprocity and over time the mutual ground of the relationship corrodes. At the same time there is also this gut feeling that something is off. Many of us have been in a relationship or have had a friendship with a person who takes more than gives. At some point you eventually understand that the trust is broken between you two. After that you either make the decision to end the relationship to stop hurting yourself or stay in the hell where you are not appreciated.”

Watch The Hell I Died For lyric video below:


Listen to The Hell I Died from Spotify:

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