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About My Haven

My Haven is a Helsinki, Finland based Melodic metal band that serves beautiful melodies combined with different metal elements and heavy guitars. The band merges eighties rock and pop hooks with melancholic melodic metal to make it sound uplifting and dark at the same time. The vocals are presented with the style of eighties heavy rock by Finnish female vocalist Teija Sotkasiira.

The lyrical themes of My Haven vary between despair, collision and empowerment and they get their inspiration of everyday tragedies, northern mindscape and inner transformation when you are leaving the old parts behind and embracing the new. My Haven’s music is without a doubt a unique union between weeping riffs and candid themes.


Teija Sotkasiira - vocals

Kimmo Pitkänen - guitars

Jan Hirvonen - drums, synths, fx

Petteri Paukku - bass


My Haven was born in 2016, although yet unnamed, as Jan Hirvonen and Kimmo Pitkänen decided to produce music together after collaborating in an instrumental rock band. During the years 2017-2018 the foundation was slowly built as they produced 12 songs with the main idea to blend elements from modern melodic metal with more traditional heavy and hard rock. Finally, in 2019, after several turns and auditions, Teija joined the band and gave the songs long-awaited melodic and lyrical representation. Also, the band's new name, My Haven, was established.

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